Wednesday, February 2, 2011

120 days towards change...who's in?


So after a couple of days of reflection, I have decided to implement some goals and changes to kick-start forward motion.

Since being diagnosed with the vocal issue that kept me silent and forced me to cancel all my previous commitments (see my previous post!), I have found myself grappling with a fear that I am wasting all of this incredible free time that just fell on my lap. It really opened me up to how precious time is. I've spent a great deal of this time in reflection, journalling, taking Artist Dates, and watching a looooooot of TV.

As wonderful as this time is, I've also felt myself receding a bit. I realized that if it were up to me, I would spend my life indoors, listening to self-help audios, meditating, going to yoga or the gym, watching Grey's Anatomy, and eating delicious vegan food.

(I mean, really, I don't see anything wrong with that?!)

I was sitting down to eat a delicious lentil burger I made tonight, with a nagging sensation that there was something I should do. As I leaned over to turn on the newest Biggest Loser episode, a chill ran through my body....

... This is what I realized: It would be so, so easy to be this exact same person a year from now. If I continued to follow the exact same patterns as I have recently become aware of... Megan-from-the-future would be exactly the same as Megan-In-the-Present.

Chilling, right?!

So here's what I'm thinking. After much brainstorming, I've decided on 5 major areas that I really look forward to improving. I'll list them here (not necessarily in order of importance!):
  1. Physical Body
  2. Health & Energy & Emotional Well-Being
  3. Creative Productivity
  4. Finances: grow income
  5. Internal Strength & Outside Generosity
I won't share it with you here, but I have taken note of where I'm RIGHT NOW for each of these actions. In 4 months (and weekly/monthly), I will journal how things change and grow, correcting and continuing as need be.

The goal is to take daily action and one bigger weekly action for each item listed above. Daily actions will consist of:

-physical connection and activity
-food awareness and gratitude
-gratitude as often as I can remember
-daily commitments listed and marked off
-morning pages

Weekly items will change, depending on the week.

 I am aiming to start this Monday, so I have some more time over the next few days to review and clarify. But if anyone wants to start a 120 day challenge with me on Monday... towards any topic of your choosing! ... Feel free to post or comment it... after all, it's proven that any goals stated publicly have a major advantage to ones that just get stuck in your head.

So very much love to you!!

Peace and light,

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