Thursday, February 3, 2011

120 days towards change...Weekly challenges

So, been thinking more about the Weekly Challenges. I want something that has a recognizable weekly theme, with specific daily actions. I put an all-call out on Facebook and Twitter for ideas, so far, here are some ideas that I've had:

So I have a few options here:
  1. Choose 4 themes and repeat them each 4 times
  2. Choose 8 themes and repeat them twice
  3. Choose 16 themes and have a new theme every week
  4. Choose a random number between 4 and 16 and repeat some/don't repeat others
 Any ideas/comments out there?

Also, been working on my daily actions, and adding a quantum measurement to make my goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, with a Timeline... check here for more info). The...goal... (heheheh)... is to have these written down in concrete, specific steps by the weekend so I'm good to go for Monday! Adding specific details has always been somewhat of my downfall (more on downfalls/darknesses later).

ALSO, I am giving myself the BIGGEST pat on the back... I figured out how to add FB and Twitter "share" buttons! It was so exciting! So please add, like, and share to your heart's content... how awesome would it be if a whole bunch of us changed global consciousness just by striving to be our best Selves for 4 months?

Lotsa love and hugs,

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Megan said...

I'd like to add that if it were me, I'd make them "SMARTI" goals: specific, measurable, attainable, timeline, Imaginable". I think I'll do a post on that tomorrow :)