Sunday, February 6, 2011

120 days towards change...Starts tomorrow!

OK. So tomorrow's the "Big Day" (though, when you think about it, aren't all days big on this great green Mama Earth?) Or I should say, Starting Day. Though I gotta say, since this idea came to me, I've been kinda bursting at the seams to get it started already...!

So. Just to be totally clear. Here are my 5 areas that I m looking forward to seeing changes in:
  1. Physical Body
  2. Health & Energy
  3. Creative Accomplishments
  4. Self-Esteem
  5. Finances & Career
 My goals for each of these, I've already stated below, and I've written out on my little whiteboard to keep myself on track.

Daily Checklist (no matter what!):
  • meditation
  • physical connection & activity
  • food awareness & gratitude
  • daily commitments for the day
  • morning pages
  • 3 finance/career actions/day
  • 1 creative action/day
  • nature appreciation
  • visualization & imagery on each of 5 areas above
**please note that the Food Awareness, Gratitude, Meditation, Nature Appreciation are taken from attending Eion Finn's Blissology Course... a course and yoga DVD set I highly recommend!

Weekly commitments:

  1. With every interaction, think, "how can I give to this person in this transaction?"
  2. Flip Side Week (otherwise known as No Complaining Week). Also special note to be gentle to Self Week.
  3. Random Act of Kindness Week (or Pay-It-Forward Week). I'm aiming for at a bare minimum of 1/day... to friends, foe, and strangers.
  4. Good Vibes to People Week (Choose 1 person/day, and see that person surrounded in white light and getting all they deserve as much as possible throughout the day)
  5. Give tribute to Mentors Week (You remember WWJD? Substitute "J" for your mentor and act like they would... WW _ D?)
  6. Tackle my Weaknesses Week (Make a list of 7 Darknesses. Choose one per day. Devote each day to throwing every single tool I know of at it... affirmations, change of thoughts, change of actions, etc.)
  7. Eat only real, simple foods for a week. Also: goal to eat each meal doing nothing else except eating! No reading, no tv, just simple.
  8. Plan and make all meals at home for a week (no eating out... that includes Starbucks!)

    **HALFWAY!... celebration and refection and correct/continue time!**
  9. Be Kind to the Environment Week (might become Bike Everywhere Week...maybe even Low-Electricity Week (ie... no TV week... gulp! ... keep ya posted)
  10. Switch It Up Week: do something new in everything... exercise, eating, route to work, daily routine... you name it!
  11. Simplify and Clear Space Week
  12. DO IT NOW week (otherwise known as No Procrastination Week)
  13. Confidence Week
  14. Marketing Myself Week: work on marketing projects I've been putting off (website updates much?!) 
  15. Go out of Comfort Zone Week
  16. Notice the Changes and Love Yourself Week
 **I've grouped each of these into an order that makes sense to me and my schedule... but please go ahead and tailor to yourself, if any of these doesn't make sense to you**
 **Also, THANKS to all the facebook peeps who posted their ideas... it was AWESOME to see everybody's ideas, and you can see I've shamelessly stolen some of them, thanks!*

Now. Rewards and punishments ideas (I don't know how much I'll be using them, but they're here just in case they work for anyone else?):

  • Go to the spa/beauty parlour (mani, pedi, massage, etc.)
  • Buy new music
  • New clothing
  • New Lush/Eco-friendly stuff
  • Hang out at the SPCA with the puppies
  • wake up extra early for meditation
  • do Mike's chores for him
  • clean out computer files, or other jobs I've been putting off
  • donate money to a charity (alternative: put money in a jar and donate one big sum at the end)
  • Do everything on the Daily List twice
  • No TV
(thanks to Rach and Aunt Liz for the ideas!)

So.... that's the plan folks! Again, I am committing to blogging weekly (hopefully more!) and sharing my experiences. I'd love to hear comments if any of you try this -- even just a portion of it -- or if anyone out there has done something like this in the past, what has worked for them? I know this seems ambitious... but if I get to the end of the month and it's just too much, I will tone things down  if needed. Or otherwise -- even more exciting -- if it just is so darned easy, I'll ramp up the changes.

Much, much love, and Happy 120 Days to Change!


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Chunky Knubby Navel said...

I think I might have to try "no complaining week." That would be suuuuppperrr hard. And there is no better reward than new music =)