Tuesday, April 26, 2011

120 days towards Change... Week 12 DO IT NOW!!!

Hi team.

So, admittedly. I have been BAAAD. In fact, it was a facebook message from a friend that caused me to even consider writing this blog because I tell you.... since my tonsillectomy, Sundays kept coming and going faster and faster until finally we were approaching the last Sunday in April and... it's been almost 2 months since I've posted. That's like, half this challenge?!

So that is Megster dropping the ball. And I won't lie. I've been dropping the ball concerning Morning Pages, a little bit with food awareness, meditation, and nature appreciation. HOWEVER. The remaining activities, I have never felt more excited about. In fact, I honestly feel that the work I did in Jan/Feb/March has led me to a place where I feel more pumped than I've felt in a WHILE. By the graces of all the incredible people and energies that have guided/pushed/pulled me places... I am SO full of gratitude.

OK so I've also not been paying attention to my weekly themes... recently... and that, I accept responsibility for. Once again, I am demonstrating a pattern of throwing myself out the gate at 650 mph, then getting exhausted 10 minutes later and lying down until the race is over.

However... as growth and changes happen... I suppose the good thing is that THIS race, the "120 days to change" race, is NOT over! (that's why I gave myself 4 months peeps -- cuz I knew that a slump was totally inevitable and I wanted to give myself time to burst forth with new energy!).

And I will say this. Yes, this is a pattern of mine... to start strong and finish last (if I finish at all)... HOWEVER. As I mentioned, I truly believe that the last 3 months of work have culminated in all of the exciting opportunities that have been showing themselves to me recently (too numerable to mention them all... but they involve employment, creative, physical, and financial /career areas). And due to these wonderful opportunities and showering of unexpected gifts (ummm, yeah I'm talking to you, unexpected cheque-in-the-mail-from-the-government!), I have truly been focussing my time and effort on growing those little seeds into the beautiful fauna that they have the potential to be.

So instead of regretting the past. I focus on the present, and the final quarter of this AMAZING adventure I've been riding on (and you who've been doing it with me). And -- full circle (could it be any other way??) -- how fitting that the one week I get a reminder email from this dear friend, is the week of DO IT NOW.

So I challenge you -- any readers out there -- to inspire yourself, and perhaps a few others around you -- to spend this week just frickin' DOING IT! Because what are you waiting for? I was recently listening to a speaker, and she said that she was given an opportunity that she felt in her bones of bones was right for her, yet there was some fear blocking her before she jumped in. And she asked herself then -- as I ask you now -- "If I keep doing what I'm doing the same way I'm doing it, where will I be in 5 years time?"

I"ll ask it again.

"If you keep doing what you're doing right now, where will you be in 5 years time?"

And hey, maybe that will be the promotion you are working HARD at achieving, with the steps you've set out for yourself along the way. Awesome!!! Keep following that path, baby!!! Or maybe - as I was feeling recently - seeing yourself in the same position you're in now is the most horrible, soul-sucking, life-threatening thing possible. And yet you haven't made any changes.

So what change can you make... NOW? Big or small, doesn't matter.

I'd love to hear your choices... because they inspire me!

Speaking of which... committing to being on time and all... here I go. Love and light and hugs.


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