Monday, January 12, 2009

don't do drugs.

So here's the thing.

I keep talking, talking, talking. Telling the people around me that "I'm looking to switch into writing", "it will help me find my creative voice", that I'm "writing more"...

*cough* BULLSH*T!!! *cough*

Me and Hermie 2 headed to Starbucks today. Btw, Hermie 2 is my newly named freshly minted Macbook, a very dumpy name to suit such a svelte, beautiful machine - but it's kind of a Family name, you see... much like an unfortunate hot jenny-mccarthy lookalike named Gertrude Bertha Hogg due to some outdated family moniker that REALLY should have just died with the relative.... anyways, in any case, Hermie 2 is named in honour of my very first laptop.

Anyways. So me and the Hermster (I just felt my computer shudder - i'm sorry Herms, it's gotta be done) went to Starbucks, where I found out they have free wireless. Free wireless!!!! Every day!!! for 2 hours!!!! JUST for having a starbucks card!!! I've had a starbucks card longer than I've had a Credit Card, and I feel like i'm FINALLY getting redeemed for it! Hallelujah!!

So I get to Starbucks. And I set up shop. I turn on the computer, I plug it in, I boot up MS Word, I even OPEN my one-woman-show file. YAY! I think to myself... "this is so fabulous! I am gonna get SO much done".

And then comes... Mozilla Firefox. After spending a few minutes just figuring out which buttons to push, I get in.

And... enter the blackout.

How does that even HAPPEN? How does 1 hour and 58 minutes pass me by and I don't even so much THINK about my show? Or even, for that matter, my blog?! Or if I do, it's with a tone of revulsion. REVULSION?!? MY show??? My baby?

How can I think these things about my babies? My long, conveluded point is:

don't do drugs.

No, no, no... wait, come back! I'm kidding!!! What I MEANT to say was, "don't do drugs at starbucks".

kidding AGAIN!!! geez. tough crowd.

So no, in all seriousness: why is it that this one thing I keep telling people I want to stem into - even just as a HOBBY - is the last thing on my plate. Researching Mazdas in Texas took priority today over cleaning up grammatical errors on my show.

Procrastination. It's a bitch...

and don't do drugs.


Eric Fell said...

I find commenting on your procrastination to be a wonderful way for me to avoid work.

Megan said...

LOL, perhaps you should lay off the drugs then?

I do recommend researching how to buy mazdas in texas, though. I wasn't lying about that. In fact, try all the south-eastern states, you'd be surprised at how many leasing laws there really are...